Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I will be on my way tomorrow. I do not know if I will get an entry to this blog done tomorrow or not. I hope so, but please forgive me in advance if I don't.

If you want to keep up with the travels during my mission trip my blog is I hope to post to it at least once a week during my four weeks there, more if I can. You never know what will happen at any point in time so I will not make a promise I can not keep.

I know that God has this trip in His control, He is the one that started it anyway, because if He had not prompted certain people to ask me to go, I would not be doing this. He has provided all along the way and I know He will continue too. Please pray for the whole team as we work for our Lord, and teach English to the people God brings to our classes.

Thank-you Lord for the things you have done, the things you are doing and the things you will do as this work unfolds. Thank-you for the people whose hearts you have already started to work in that we will be teaching and ministering to. Thank-you for your provision.

The Quote:
"I think it's my adventure, my trip, my journey, and I guess my attitude is, let the chips fall where they may." ~Leonard Nimoy
The Drawing:

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