Sunday, June 30, 2013


I just returned from a prayer walk this morning and sat down to read in Mark Batterson’s book “The Circle Maker”, it is the book that started the 40-day pray challenge. In the first few paragraphs God spoke to me in a way I needed. I have been praying for many things during and since that challenge was completed.  One of the biggest prayer I have been praying for is His leading in my life. I am tired of hoping I am doing His will, I want Him to do His work through me.

Before I left on this adventure to Croatia I started praying that God would show me what He wanted for my life in the future, after I retire from my current job, which is two years away. As I was reading today I believe God let me know what He wants me to do…. Trust Him and His timing.  The book was talking about how the manna God provided was a daily reminder to be dependant on God. They were to only get what they could eat that day, no more. We as humans want to be supplied with all we need right now. We want to know what the future is before we get there. God wants us to wait for Him, to trust Him, to be dependant on Him like a child should be able to depend on a father.

Before I left I was praying that God would let me know if Croatia was a place that I should serve Him in the future, as a “resident”. Since I have been here I have learned a lot about the country, I have a lot to learn, I am not sure where God is leading because I believe He is giving me manna… just enough for now and no more. I may or may not come back to Croatia in my lifetime only God knows that for sure. I know I have made a lot of friends and will make more that I plan to keep in contact with. And if God leads me back here I will be willing and ready to come. Right now I have to live one manna day at a time!

The Quote:
“We want God to provide more so we need Him less.” ~Mark Batterson
The Drawing:

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