Saturday, June 1, 2013


As I am traveling down this path of prayer I have learned some awesome things. God has helped me to know He is here in glorious ways and He will supply my every need if I allow Him too. Today is no different.

We get into routines in our lives. They are sometimes good and sometimes not so good. We have morning routines, work routines, exercise routines and many more. Some of us even have routines that are spiritual in nature, such as a praying routine, a bible study routine, a going to church routine, and a praise routine. The bad part is that routines often lead to ruts! We have let our daily lives become such a routine that we do these things without even thinking. Our lives become common place. We need to mix it up.

God said in His word to "sing a new song" and according to the author Mark Batterson, He doesn't say it just once He says it 6 times in Psalms. I have said many times it must be important if God repeats it! So God wants us to sing a new song, he doesn't want to hear the same things over and over. He wants us to pray a new prayer. Don't always do things the same way, find new ways to pray, new things to pray for, different ways to pray for the same things. Sing new praises, new ways to be thankful, new ways to serve. Mix it up! Be bold, embrace change, be reckless and unashamed.

Thank-you Lord for allowing me to see the need to change routines, to help me draw closer to you!

The Quote:
"If you want God to do something new, you cannot keep doing the same old thing." ~Mark Batterson
The Drawing:

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