Sunday, October 6, 2013


Today, my pastor was preaching about Moses. The idea in the message was that Moses wanted to do something great for God. He knew there was a reason for his life to be spared as a baby, he was special in all the Pharaoh's kingdom, because he was possible the only male heir to that throne. He knew he was an Israelite, one of God's chosen people. So he figured he was supposed to do something great for God. And he did many many years after he tried to do it on his own. Moses needed to wait for God. In order for anyone to do something great for God we first need God to do something great in us. God had not finished teaching Moses yet, so Moses had to spend some time away from Egypt. One of the last statements my pastor said was this "To do something great for God, you have to get out of the way."

I do not think my pastor had the Casting Crowns Monologue from "What this World Needs" but that is what it made me think of. The words are my Digital drawing and quote today. I have heard people bash this song for what they think the words say... I think it is simply saying this:

1. To many times we get in the way of people understanding the Gospel message with all of our rules and regulations. OUR you have to do this or that....

2. Jesus is the only way to God and Heaven we can not pray anyone there, we can not pay the price, or drag them in with us. We are not the only way people will see Jesus, yes we may be the only Bible some people read... That should be a humbling and scary thought not a self-inflating thought.

3. The world does not need to get dressed up, or down to know God, They don't have to be a certain denomination or read a certain Bible. There is another part of the song that says "What this world needs is for us to care more about the inside than the outside, have we become so blind that we can't see God's got to change their heart before He changes their shirt."

4. We try to often to add to what the Bible (the Gospel) says brings people to God. In doing so we are putting ourselves in HIS story.... that is slowing it down...

5. Jesus is going to save the world.... WE NEED TO GET OUT OF THE WAY!

Now that last part... our SELF needs to get out of the way. We can not save the world... God is willing to use us to do a great work for Him, we need to be passionate and filled with compassion, allowing HIM to work through us! He is not able to do that until we are out of the way!

Lord thanks for the message today and in this song. I pray that you can use me, even though I know I am not always the best Bible for people to read. I pray that you will get me out of the way and take over. Thanks Lord!

The Quote and Drawing:

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