Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Leaving this here because it is part of the blog..... I have a lot to say today about this word and I will get to it as soon as I get back from all I have to do this evening... I was looking for quotes earlier and then I went to Facebook and POW... Billy Graham had a status about Life struggles... so his status is my quote... I promise to get back to this later this evening....

So we all struggle daily with various issues. Some may be small, some could be large. We have decisions to make and fences to mend. Life is a struggle as Billy Graham and countless others have said. We need to remember that while we struggle there is an unseen battle raging, our struggles could help us in that unseen battle.

It does not matter if you are a Christian or not, the battle still rages on for your life. The rulers of darkness either have control of your life or they want control back. God either has control of your life or is fighting desperately to keep it. How we deal with the struggles that come our way may determine who wins the battle. As a Christian, God and his spiritual army fight to keep me from the forces of Satan. Satan tries everyday to tempt me and cause me to turn from my Father. The battle rages on in the spiritual realm, and even though I do not see it, I feel the effects. I know that when I am moving away from God, Satan and his forces are winning that battle. When I give in to fear, loneliness, depression, and many others, Satan has the upper hand. The times when I am praying, reading my bible, singing praises, being joyful, and loving to be near my God, He has the battle won.

It is not always easy to be close to God for whatever reason, and if you aren't a Christian then God has to work twice as hard to win the battle for your soul. I am glad of this one thing.... I know there are spiritual battles raging around me at all times, and I will have to struggle in this life because of them... but God has already won the WAR! In the end God will be Victorious and my struggles will be over! I am so glad of that fact!

Thank-you Lord for fighting the spiritual battles for me, and for having already won the War. Help me to be mindful of the darts and arrows that come through from that battle aimed at causing me to stumble, and fall away from you. Guide me through each struggle I face and help me be all you want me to be.

The Quote:
"All life is a struggle. That is the nature of things. A battle is raging in the Spiritual Realm. 'We fight," the Bible says, 'against the rulers of the darkness of this world." ~Billy Graham
The Drawing:

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