Saturday, September 7, 2013


Mačka is Croatian for cat. Today, I have been fussing over what word to use again. And I finally chose this one for a number of reasons. First, my cat wanted in my lap earlier and I took her picture....

Then I posted it on Facebook, where a number of people told me I needed to pick her up... because I had said I wasn't. I hold her when I am not in the middle of other things. After that a friend of mine from Croatia saw that picture and all of the other pictures in that album and started like them all, it was very comical to me. I had wanted to ask some one what they said to call a cat in Croatia. I know most cats ignore people but... You know we would say to the cat, "here kitty, kitty, kitty..."  So I asked my friend. I already knew the word for cat was Mačka... she said they say "Mačka, Mačka, Mačka..." (Pronounced mach ka) I am so glad that while I was in Croatia I didn't try getting a cats attention... I would have looked really silly saying, "here kitty, kitty, kitty..." To the people and especially the cat :)

The Quote:
"MEOW" ~ I-10 my cat
The Drawing:

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  1. ahhhh, love.feels so sweet, and so soft and warm.

    peace my friend! :O)